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About TTTC

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About TTTC

Tianjin Transportation Vocational education dates back to 1953. In 2002, Tianjin Transportation Technical College was established approved by Tianjin Municipal Government. It affiliated to Tianjin Transportation Group with over 9000 students on campus. It covers an area of 533,000 square meters and has a floor space of 200,000 square meters.

The college takes “Masterpiece Everyday” as its school motto, sticks to operation management, stressing feature , social service and innovation and improved its schooling system. At present, it is listed one of the National Mainstay Vocational College by Ministry of Education and Demonstrated Higher Vocational College by Ministry of Transportation and Tianjin Municipal government. It is named as talent training base for automobile application and maintenance and training base for logistic talents by Ministry of Education and Tianjin Municipal Government. Meanwhile, it is also regarded as teacher training base for National Mainstay Vocational Colleges and Pilot college for educational informationization.

To meet the increasing demand for talents in regional industry and development of transportation industry, the college has established over 30 programs in six professional fields, including Automotive, Logistics, Road and Bridge Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Rail Transit and Transportation Service. Among all the programs, Logistic Management and Automotive Inspection and Maintenance were honored as pilot programs in vocational college teaching reform. In order to cultivate quality talents, it has cooperated with many enterprises and opened many order form classes such as Toyota, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, Sunning classes. This has greatly improved the students’ practical ability and their employment quality. For years, the employment rate of graduates has always maintain above 98%. Many of them have become chief technique officers and department managers which become common resources of both college and enterprise.

At present, it has 350 full-time teachers, including 1 state level famous teacher, 3 province level famous teachers, and 4 ministry level leading teachers, and has built 1 state level teaching team, 2 province level teaching teams. 6 teachers are employed as chief technique officer by enterprises. In recent years, it has constructed 5 state level top-quality curriculum, 18 province ones and has completed 4 state level research programs and 65 province ones.

In order to promote students' practical ability, it constructed training centers setting teaching, social training, producing, occupational skill appraisal and technique support as a whole, including automobile inspection, body repair, logistics, road and bridge engineering, business and aviation service. Among these, logistics and automobile training centers were supported by central finance. Meanwhile, it has established some “on-campus” factories such as SF-Express and Jintong Automotive Repair. At the same time, it has set up 257 off-campus training bases together with many enterprises among which Tianjin Logistic Transportation Centre and Huayuan Toyota Automotive Sales Co. Ltd were with outstanding training bases by Tianjin Municipal Commission of Education.

The college makes full use of our teaching resource and provides technique service together with many enterprises. Meanwhile it also provides training and service to society. Every year, it provides on-the-job training and qualification recognition to over 20,000 individuals. At the same time, the college has successfully undertaken many national competitions, such as Modern Logistics Competition in National Vocational Students' Skill Competition, winning wide recognition and high appraisal of the social circles.

The college has always laid emphasis on international exchange programs. It has successfully organized mutual visiting and exchange with colleges in Germany, Sweden, Canada and Japan. It is respectively cooperating with Osaka Sangyo University in Japan, and Thompson Rivers University in Canada and has set Quan Shanyuan Education Reward Funds. In 2012, it also provided automotive and logistic practical training for 30 Indian students.

Tianjin Transportation Technical College
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